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Fall is here! We can’t wait for the cooler weather, football games, and gatherings around our fireplaces. But, before you cozy up to your first fire of the season, remember how crucial chimney and chimney cap maintenance is for home’s safety and long-term maintenance.

Chimney Caps Help Safeguard Against Structural Chimney Damage.

Your chimney cap acts like a rain hat for your chimney, allowing smoke to vent out and preventing outside water from getting in. It is mounted above the chimney crown and is fabricated using aluminum to wrap the flue inside a cage-like mesh. 

Your chimney cap is particularly important because, without it, the flue and fireplace are exposed to the external elements. Chimney caps protect the top (the crown) of your chimney and help prevent a number of issues:

  • Water damage to siding, corner boards, and plywood structure of the chimney
  • Water damage to mortar on brick chimneys
  • Leaks that appear as roof leaks
  • Animal Infestation/Nesting (birds, racoons, mice, rats, etc)
  • Debris (leaves, sticks, etc)

If your chimney is exposed to these elements, it can lead to more expensive repairs and very serious health risks. As an example, if small creatures or debris clog the flue, harmful fumes cannot vent properly, which can expose the occupants in your home to dangerously high levels of smoke and carbon monoxide.

Chimney cap lifespan is estimated to be 10-20 years according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. To keep your family safe and avoid damage to your roof and chimney, an expert needs to regularly inspect your chimney cap to check for signs of water entry, deterioration, and installation integrity.

Bird’s Eye Roofing Experts Can Help.

Our skilled roofers examine chimneys and roofs every day for leaks. Bird’s Eye Roofing can make sure your chimney is water tight and ensure your chimney caps are properly installed. We will check the integrity and efficiency of your chimney, so that the changing seasons and temperatures from the fires don’t create any problems. We will let you know if your cap is sufficient or needs to be replaced.

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