The Problem

This customer was experiencing several roof leaks in different areas; leaks from the chimney, and from the front shingles.  The roof was only 15 years old and they did not want to replace the entire roofing system, and were not sure if a full replacement would truly solve their issues.

The Solution

The customer went to the neighborhood Facebook page and found Bird’s Eye Roofing through Nextdoor and several local sponsorships (in this case, the local swim team).  Bird’s Eye Roofing top roof repair specialist met the customer at his property and assessed the roof.


There were two severe roof issues causing the roof leaks; the chimney flashing was inadequate, and the sidewall flashing was improperly installed.

The chimney lacked a cricket which was causing water to sit at the base of the chimney. Additionally, there was debris keeping water at the base of the cricket, and further eroding the metal and shingles in the area.  A cricket was installed to properly shed water, step flashing was installed to protect the roofing surface, and counter flashing was installed to keep water from going behind the step flashing and make the new chimney flashing a cohesive and functioning unit.

The sidewall flashing was inadequate as well.  The was a very complex opening behind the sidewall and dormer where a lot of water flowed.  There were several entry points where water could penetrate, and when the shingles were removed, it appeared as if it was entering all of them!  The decking was significantly rotten, and the repairs were extremely complex. However, Bird’s Eye Roofing Company’s attention to detail and knowledge of roofing will solve the water entry problems until a new roofing system is installed.

Bird’s Eye Roofing Company appreciated that this customer trusted us to solve the significant repairs at the property, so we wanted to do something for them as well.  When finishing up the repair, we installed custom flashing on the front of the home to give it a clean, crisp, and updated look.  Now the customer would have a leak free roof, but also would enjoy some noticeable aesthetics to the front of their home they could enjoy every day.  Thank you for choosing Bird’s Eye Roofing Company!