Old Roof With Storm Damage Problems

Daniel Park had an old roof that was in need of replacement.  They contacted Bird’s Eye Roofing for their professional roofing opinion.  Bird’s Eye noted the extensive storm damage (including wind and hail) to the roof itself, as well as the age and poor condition of the shingles.  Ultimately, the community wanted to pursue an HOA insurance claim prior to paying out of pocket.

A Logical Path Forward Through Insurance

The community filed for coverage for hail and wind damage.  Bird’s Eye Roofing met the insurance adjuster on site to evaluate the extent of the damage.  Once the meeting was over, the insurance company recommended insurance replacement of the entire roofing system.  The process took a couple of weeks before the insurance adjuster sent over the paperwork offering full approval.  Once the paperwork was received, the work could be scheduled around the holidays.  It was easy to schedule because the pool was closed, and no one was using the clubhouse!

Looking Back

Bird’s Eye Roofing replaced the roofs for the Daniel Park HOA community in Dacula, GA.  The replacement included the clubhouse and both pool houses. Construction took two days, and included some interior tongue and groove replacement.

The community thought the CertainTeed Weathered Wood color would update the look of the clubhouse above and beyond the original red shingle used.  This was certainly the case! A black shingle could have looked good as well.

Come summer of 2023, the Daniel Park community is able to enjoy their pool with beautifully updated clubhouses that no longer leak! The property management company that referred Bird’s Eye Roofing was relieved to have a project go so smoothly for an HOA community.

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