Terra Cotta Repair
Palmer and Phelan Historical Building in Downtown Atlanta

Bird’s Eye Roofing had the amazing opportunity this past week to perform an Atlanta terra cotta repair on a roof that is over 110 years old. The Palmer and Phelan building on Peachtree Place in Downtown Atlanta is a breathtaking apartment building in the heart of the capital city, that captures the eye of passing cars and pedestrians with the brightness of its beautiful terra cotta roof. The building was constructed in 1910, and has held through the trials of time and still remained as the booming city grew around it.

Terra Cotta Roofing Material

Terra cotta is a type of material used to make a luxury shingle that offers superior protection and style over any other style of conventional shingle. Terra cotta is made to be a durable shingle that can stand the test of time, lasting sometimes over 100 years. Because the tiles are made from natural materials, a terra cotta roof will give a home a more natural and earthy feel, while giving the shingle an unmistakable burnt orange color. A terra cotta roof is also a type of material that will provide greater protection from algae growth and hail damage. Terra cotta shingles are also a natural heating and coolant system. 

Terra cotta roofs are a luxury roofing product, making the price of the shingles higher than normal shingles. Terra cotta costs significantly more to install than normal roofing products, but last substantially longer and offer greater protection.

Atlanta Terra Cotta Roof Repairs

Atlanta terra cotta repair typically require extensive setups, such as scaffolding, debris removal tubes, and boom lifts to access and work on the affected areas.  Bird’s Eye Roofing has the experience to tackle difficult repairs such as these to ensure buildings function leak free.  Our team of repair technicians can properly diagnose, repair, and warranty these repairs.