Getting a new roof is a big job that makes your home look better and stronger. And here’s a neat idea – while you’re getting a new roof, think about your skylights too. Let’s break down what you can do before, during, and after changing your skylights when you’re getting a new roof.

Before: Getting Ready

  1. Check How They’re Doing: Start by looking at your skylights. See if they look old or if there are any problems. This will help you decide if you need new ones.
  2. Pick a Style: Look at the different kinds of skylights available now. Think about how much energy they save and what kind of look you like. Choose a style that fits with how your home looks.
  3. Money Talk: Figure out how much money you can spend on both the new roof and skylights. Having a plan for your money helps you make good choices.
  4. Find the Right People: Get in touch with professionals who know how to put in new roofs and skylights. Make sure they’ve done this kind of work before.

During: Making Changes

  1. Time It Right: Make sure your skylights are changed at the same time as your new roof. This way, you won’t have problems with leaks, and everything will stay dry.
  2. Let the Pros Handle It: The experts know how to put in new skylights. They’ll take out the old ones and make sure the new ones fit just right.
  3. Save Energy: Pick skylights that help you save energy. Some have special coatings that stop too much heat or sunlight from coming in. This not only helps the planet but also keeps your home comfy.

After: Enjoying the Changes

  1. Finishing Up Inside: Once the new skylights are in, check that everything inside looks good. Make sure the walls and ceilings match the new skylights.
  2. Keep Things in Shape: Make a plan to check on your new roof and skylights every so often. Clean them and make sure they’re still working well.
  3. Enjoy More Light: Now, enjoy the new light and energy savings from your skylights. Whether it’s in your cozy living room or your sunny kitchen, your home will feel even better.

By following these simple steps, you can make changing your skylights when you get a new roof easy and fun. You’ll end up with a home that’s not just strong but also filled with more light.