Atlanta shingle prices affect all local roofing projects.  Summer seems to be the most popular time in to start the roof replacement process.  Birds Eye Roofing replaces roofs that leak during the spring storms, and those roofs affected by storm damage.  Summer offers longer days so replacing a roof in one day is more likely, although the heat can slow construction down if it gets too hot.

The supply chain is largely back to normal from the global tyranny that occurred in 2020, however, the Atlanta shingle prices continue to increase.  The price increases are due to consistent demand of new construction, strong storm season, and continued reroofing of homes.

Looking at the FRED chart below, there has not truly been a shingle price increase in the last twenty years.  Shingle prices continue to increase as labor and material costs increase in our economy.  Waiting for prices to go down has not been a strategy that has been rewarded.

Atlanta Shingle Prices

In May of 2023, we received notification from our suppliers that the price of all shingles are to increase by another 4-6%. For larger roofs, this increase can mean over $1,000.  We do not know of any plans to continue to increase shingle prices, but it is not likely they will decrease in the meantime.  If you have any questions on the price of your new roof, please contact our Bird’s Eye team.

In conclusion, getting your roof done now is probably the best path forward before prices rise again.  Whether you’re looking to replace this year or next, it’s probably better to go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your investment sooner.  It is worth considering that with the rise in material costs, labor can also follow and contribute to the increase in overall project cost.  Contact the Bird’s Eye Roofing team to schedule an appointment today.

Atlanta shingle price increase