Halloween is almost here, and Alpharetta is buzzing with excitement. Amidst the trick-or-treating and costume planning, there’s a special treat in store for the community: the Alpharetta Scarecrow Event. Birds Eye Roofing is joining in the fun this year with a head-turning Dolly Parton scarecrow. Let’s dive into the details of this celebration and see how Birds Eye Roofing is spreading the Halloween spirit.

Alpharetta Scarecrow

The Alpharetta Scarecrow Harvest: This annual tradition transforms Alpharetta’s streets into a whimsical wonderland. Local businesses, residents, and organizations craft creative scarecrows that add charm to the fall season, showcasing artistic talent and fostering a sense of togetherness. Learn more about the Alpharetta Scarecrow Harvest here.

Birds Eye Roofing’s Celebrity Scarecrow: Birds Eye Roofing, a prominent Alpharetta roofing company, is participating in the event with a Dolly Parton scarecrow. This scarecrow features the iconic country music legend with big hair, a sparkling personality, and a guitar, making it a showstopper. Birds Eye Roofing’s participation reflects their commitment to community engagement, as they’ve been serving Alpharetta for years.

Warm Halloween Wishes: Birds Eye Roofing extends warm Halloween wishes to the Alpharetta community. Their Dolly Parton scarecrow embodies spooky fun, creativity, and costumes. As you explore Alpharetta’s streets this Halloween season, keep an eye out for this delightful addition to the Scarecrow Event, showcasing the company’s dedication to the vibrant community.

Halloween in Alpharetta is about more than just ghosts and goblins; it’s a time for community, creativity, and coming together. Birds Eye Roofing’s participation with their charming Dolly Parton scarecrow is a testament to their commitment to the local community. They spread Halloween cheer while reminding us that being part of a community means celebrating together, having fun, and enjoying the creativity that binds us all. Happy Halloween, Alpharetta!