The Problem

This community experienced leaks every time it rained. The leaks were caused by ejecting nails in high water areas of the roofs (valleys). The residents were upset as the HOA was responsible for the exterior of the buildings, and the residents were responsible for the interior. Therefore, when the roofs leaked, the residents were upset that the HOA had not prevented the leaks as they had to pay for the interior repairs.

The Solution

The property management company managing 55+ community recommended Bird’s Eye Roofing to inspect the property and make a recommendation to address all roof failures. Bird’s Eye Roofing, along with two other companies inspected, and documented all roof failures. The solution recommended by Bird’s Eye Roofing would solve the roof issues and come with a lifetime warranty against future roof failures.


The HOA voted to move forward with Bird’s Eye Roofing’s recommendation for maintenance and repairs. The approval was based on the strong warranty, thorough inspection and documentation, and the recommended scope. Several other companies would not warranty their work, nor provide true roof solutions to solve the problems.

Bird’s Eye Roofing completed the roof maintenance over a two week period which involved replacing several valleys and pipes around the property. The project was well documented and communicated to the board. Any issues that arose during construction were addressed and solutions provided.

The 55+ community was extremely satisfied with Bird’s Eye Roofing’s maintenance, and has not experienced a roof failure in over 12 months since the project. The HOA president emailed us several times during hard rains to say “hear that – that is the sound of my phone not ringing!” Although we do not have as many repairs at this complex due to solving the issues, we maintain a great relationship with the HOA for other projects as well as the property management company.