The Problem

This community was experiencing leaks on a consistent basis around the property. The leaks were presents during high winds and driving rain. Additionally, the roofs were past halfway on their lifespan so the board needed an assessment of a maintenance package.

The Solution

The property management company managing the community of asked Bird’s Eye Roofing to inspect all roofs. Bird’s Eye Roofing’s main inspector inspected the buildings and found significant wind damage on the buildings. The wind damage was extensive, and would prohibit a maintenance recommendation. Therefore, an insurance claim was recommended. Bird’s Eye Roofing would meet the adjuster on the property to present our findings.


The insurance company met Bird’s Eye Roofing and approved the full replacement of the community. After approval, Bird’s Eye Roofing worked with the HOA to make sure the scope matched what their community needed to ensure the buildings remained water tight over the next several years. Once the scope was agreed, the project began.

Bird’s Eye Roofing completed the 42 unit roof replacement over a three week timespan span. The project would have been completed faster, but there were shingle material shortages in Atlanta due to supply chain disruptions. Therefore, there were approximately 2-3 days a week Bird’s Eye could work before running out of materials. This was communicated to the board and community prior to the project beginning and worked well for the community.

CertainTeed Landmark Weathered Wood was installed as it would closely match the exterior of the buildings, and provide the highest quality shingle. The community was very pleased with the work, quality, and remain a strong referral source for Bird’s Eye Roofing Company.