The Problem

This community started having roof and dormer failures around the property. They needed a roof replacement a company to recommend the proper course of action for improving the exterior condition of the property to quall the resident complaints and constant interior repairs.

The Solution

The property management company managing the company recommended Bird’s Eye Roofing to recommend a path for all exterior issues of the complex. Bird’s Eye Roofing inspected, and recommended the roof replacement as the first course of action. After the roof replacement, Bird’s Eye Roofing could address the structural flaws within the dormers which were creating leaks and allowing water intrusion behind the flashing. Lastly, the gutters could be replaced to ensure water was shedding beyond the base of the structures and protecting the long-term structural integrity of the buildings.


The complex had thirteen buildings to be replaced as soon as possible. A lift was delivered to the property to enhance quality and speed of completion of the project.

Bird’s Eye Roofing communicated a timeline and course of action to the community. This was updated based on weather and overall progress of the project. The community felt informed and like they were part of the project. Pictures were shared on a shared link so everyone had access at all times.

Custom flashing solutions were crafted during the installation, and approved by the board. Once the mold had been set, Bird’s Eye Roofing completed the replacement of all thirteen buildings within 6 weeks, and registered a 5-star warranty with CertainTeed to cover the community for 25 years and a lifetime on the shingles.

The community was satisfied with Bird’s Eye Roofing’s communication, quality control, and progress, and contracted Bird’s Eye Roofing to complete the dormer project.