The Problem

This customer was in the middle of an entire home renovation. The exterior was the last of the renovation to be completed after the interior, driveway, and landscaping. The customer was going to wait until the summer, but due to the historic rains over the winter, they were sick of hearing drops in buckets around the home.

The Solution

The customer used Bird’s Eye Roofing Company for several small repairs before and trusted our experience and judgment.  Additionally, the previous repairs were to several components of the home; flashing, shingles, gutters, and metal roofs.  Therefore, this customer knew Bird’s Eye Roofing Company had the ability to complete all components of the exterior renovation.


The customer’s roof was replaced as the first part of the exterior renovation.  Given the size, steepness, and complexity of the flashing, the roof took three days to complete.  Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Majestic Slate was used as the color, and blended well with the home.

The roof replacement required all flashing to be replaced, including step, counter, chimney, and flashing around the metal dormers.  Custom metal was ordered to match the shingle color and ensure this customer would have the best looking roof in Milton.

After the roof was complete, the metal dormers were replaced. These were made to order using the same color custom metal to ensure they blended with the home. Before replacement, these metal dormers were leaking into the home, so the homeowner was relieved to have this part of the project completed!

Lastly, the gutter system was replaced with solid aluminum gutter guards.  These matched the roof perfectly, and will shield the home from the falling leaves in the surrounding property. The gutter guards will help long-term as well as the downspouts drain directly into the ground in several areas, so getting clogged is not an option.

The customer was very happy with their Milton roof replacement project, and look to be in this home for several more years to enjoy it!