The Problem

A customer was purchasing a home in Atlanta with a slate roof that was currently leaking.  The homeowner needed to replace the roof with a similar slate product as this was the requirement of the HOA.

The Solution

The customer reached out to a synthetic slate (Ecostar) representative, and asked for specialty roofing contractors in the Atlanta area that could handle synthetic slate roof installation.  The Ecostar representative referred several roofing contractors that he had worked with in the past.  The customer ended up choosing Bird’s Eye Roofing due to the responsive nature of our business, thorough quotation, and understanding of the customer’s needs. Additionally, Bird’s Eye Roofing could offer the 50-year warranty on the synthetic slate roofing system that the customer required.


Bird’s Eye Roofing met with the customer to finalize the scope of work.  Upon further analysis, it was discovered that the existing roof had asbestos tile and a hazmat team would be necessary for proper asbestos shingle removal. This added significant cost to the project (~20%), along with permitting and other regulatory hoops before the synthetic slate roof replacement could kick off.

Calvin Cook, one of the owners of Bird’s Eye Roofing, has several hazmat removal companies he has worked with in the past.  He was able to contact these companies and schedule the removal of the asbestos tile from the roof, along with all necessary permitting and federal regulations that needed to be met before construction began.

Once the asbestos removal was figured into the contract, Bird’s Eye Roofing Company had to obtain a City of Atlanta Roofing Permit at the state capitol.  This ensure the project was properly permitted before construction began.  Each municipal area and county have different rules around when and if permits are required.  Since this roof was above $10,000, a roofing permit was required.

The asbestos slate was removed from the roofing surface over a three day period.  A dumpster with lining was used for the asbestos tile disposal. Additionally, on site project managers ran a hose to keep the dust from exiting the dumpster.  Once the tiles were removed, a tarp was used to cover the roofing deck until the synthetic slate roofing material could be installed.

One of the largest concerns from the customer was that they did not want to see lines of shingles installed – they wanted a uniform synthetic slate installation appearance.  Ecostar preblends the synthetic slate shingles at their factory in order to avoid any “runs” of shingles that stick out due to differences in the manufacturing process.

The synthetic slate roof installation took place immediately after the asbestos tile was removed.  The construction took several days due to the attention to detail and methodical installation Ecostar Majestic Slate requires.

After the synthetic slate roof was installed, Ecostar provided an on-site inspection to ensure all installation met the stringent installation requirements to quality for the 50-year warranty.  Bird’s Eye Roofing Company had to make zero modifications to the installation, and passed on the first inspection. This showed our ability to handle complex and intricate projects such as synthetic slate roof installation.

The customer was satisfied and wrote Bird’s Eye Roofing Company a handwritten letter with final payment to display their satisfaction. We could not be more grateful to install such a beautiful roofing system on such a beautiful home.

We are grateful to install synthetic slate roofs in Atlanta, and look forward to helping many more customers in the future!