Top builders in the industry place their trust in Bird’s Eye Roofing when it comes to safeguarding newly constructed homes. This reputable roofing company has earned recognition for its expertise in new roof construction. Constructing a roof for a new home presents unique challenges as the house is still in progress. Bird’s Eye Roofing understands the specific requirements of this stage and ensures the expert installation of every roof, providing long-lasting protection for the home.

New Construction Roofing

A vital aspect of new roof construction involves the installation of drip edge, which allows for the addition of fascia boards in the future. Bird’s Eye Roofing pays meticulous attention to detail during the construction process, ensuring precise installation of the drip edge. This careful planning facilitates a seamless transition for the future addition of fascia boards, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence and its focus on delivering lasting value to homeowners.

Beyond functionality, Bird’s Eye Roofing stays up-to-date with the latest design trends. During the construction of new roofs, they incorporate metal accents that harmonize with contemporary architectural styles. These metal accents not only enhance the home’s aesthetics but also elevate its overall curb appeal. By staying attuned to current design trends, Bird’s Eye Roofing ensures that the roofs they construct not only provide exceptional protection but also enhance the visual appeal of the property.

One notable feature of Bird’s Eye Roofing’s new roof construction is the accompanying manufacturer warranty. Unlike limited-duration builder warranties, the manufacturer warranty offers an extended period of coverage. This additional assurance provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their roof is protected for an extended period beyond the builder’s warranty.

Furthermore, Bird’s Eye Roofing takes thorough measures to ensure a watertight roof. They meticulously install all new flashing at critical termination points, including roof valleys, chimneys, and skylights. This meticulous approach guarantees proper sealing and minimizes the risk of leaks, effectively safeguarding the home from water damage.

Choosing Bird’s Eye Roofing for new roof construction means partnering with a company that understands the specific needs of this stage. With their attention to detail, incorporation of design trends, extended manufacturer warranty, and meticulous installation of flashing, Bird’s Eye Roofing delivers a roof that not only protects but also enhances the value and appeal of your home. Trust the experts at Bird’s Eye Roofing to secure your investment and provide you with a roof that withstands the test of time.