Installing and repairing Mansard roofs requires specific procedures that differ from traditional shingle roofs. Without proper installation, these roofs can experience frequent issues, including shingles falling off the building and the need for a mansard roof repair. In such cases, it often becomes more cost-effective to consider replacing the roof rather than continuously investing in repairs. To prevent these problems, it is essential to choose a quality contractor who can effectively address mansard roof issues and provide lasting protection.


The unique design of Mansard roofs puts a lot of strain on the shingles. The installation is different than shingles installed on normal roofs. Mansard roofs require seven nails (not six), and have the nails in different spots of the shingle. Additionally, roofing cement is recommended for additional sealing and support. Improper installation results in shingles falling off of the building long before the end of their lifespan. To avoid the inconvenience of frequent repairs, it is crucial to collaborate with an experienced contractor who understands Mansard roofs’ specific installation requirements.

Mansard Roof Installation Instructions

While regular maintenance is essential for all roofs, Mansard roofs often necessitate more frequent repairs due to their intricate design. As repair costs accumulate, it may become more cost-effective to opt for a roof replacement instead. This highlights the importance of proactive maintenance and promptly addressing any issues to avoid excessive repair expenses in the long run.

Choosing a reputable and experienced contractor is paramount for Mansard roof repair. A skilled contractor possesses the necessary expertise to tackle the unique challenges associated with these roofs. They will ensure proper installation, reducing the risk of shingle failure and the need for frequent repairs. By investing in a capable contractor, you can avoid the hassle of ongoing maintenance and enjoy durable protection for your Mansard roof.