Leaking Pipe Boot Repair

When it comes to addressing a leaking pipe boot repair, the professionals at Bird’s Eye Roofing have the experience and skills to ensure a watertight solution. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the steps we follow to replace a leaking roof vent pipe and safeguard your home.

Step 1: Interior Pictures of Leak

To kick off the process, we begin with a thorough assessment of the leak from inside your home. This step helps us to document the issue, which is crucial for both us and the homeowner. Secondly, by capturing clear pictures of the leak, we are able to pinpoint the source and assess the extent of the damage.

Step 2: Attic Inspection

After sufficient pictures are taken, we then move to the attic to check the area above the roof stain. This process tells us where the leak is coming through the roof, usually with water marks on the decking. There are several things we look for including marks on pipes, insulation, and other clues, but decking is usually the first item we check.

Step 3: Repair the Leaking Boot

The repair begins with the removing of all damaged shingles and rotten decking surrounding the damaged area. With the damaged decking removed, our team smoothly transitions to replacing the shingles. Once the shingles are installed, the repair should last the remainder of the roof’s lifespan.

Step 4: Achieving a Watertight Seal with a New Pipe Boot

Following the replacement of the shingles we shift our focus on installing a new, high-quality pipe boot around the vent pipe. This step is critical to achieving a watertight seal to finish your leaking pipe boot repair. We fit the boot around the pipe, ensuring it snugly covers the penetration per the manufacturers instructions. To guarantee a leak-free result, they rely on the application of top-grade roofing cement or silicone to create a watertight seal.

At Bird’s Eye Roofing, we understand the importance of a job well done. Our comprehensive approach to roof repairs ensures not only a swift resolution but also lasting peace of mind. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to protect your home from roof vent pipe leaks and their potential consequences.