In the world of homeowner associations (HOAs), managing funds efficiently is crucial. When Pembrooke HOA in Atlanta reached the end of their roof lifespan, but the funds were insufficient for replacement, Birds Eye Roofing stepped in to help. Here’s how they successfully navigated an HOA roof insurance claim to reroof three buildings, ultimately saving the HOA’s finances.

HOA Roof Insurance Claim

Recognizing the urgency to address the deteriorating roofs, the HOA requested a roof inspection from Birds Eye Roofing to assess the extent of hail and wind damage. The inspection revealed significant damage on three buildings, prompting Birds Eye Roofing to recommend filing an insurance claim.

The HOA roof insurance claim process began with Birds Eye Roofing submitting the necessary documentation to the insurance company. The insurance company approved the claims for two buildings, but stated that the third building did not have coverage. However, the HOA believed they were covered and provided additional documentation to support their claim.

With the HOA’s diligent effort, the insurance company revisited the claim and acknowledged the coverage for the third building. This turn of events meant that all three buildings were eligible for reroofing through the insurance claim, significantly reducing the financial burden on the HOA.

Birds Eye Roofing swiftly got to work, completing roof replacement on all three buildings with utmost professionalism and quality craftsmanship. The result was not only functional and durable roofs but also aesthetically pleasing ones that enhanced the overall appearance of the buildings.

Thanks to their collaboration with Birds Eye Roofing and successful insurance claim, the HOA achieved their goal of reroofing the buildings without depleting their reserve account. The cost was limited to the insurance deductible, providing substantial savings for the HOA.