Choosing a roofing contractor based solely on the lowest bid can have serious consequences for homeowners. Let’s explore a cautionary tale of an HOA that opted for the cheapest option and the resulting challenges they faced, including missing chimney crickets. Understanding these risks is crucial in making an informed decision when selecting a roofing contractor.

No chimney cricket
You can see where the chimney cricket should be based on the leaves piling up

The HOA, driven by cost considerations, decided to hire the contractor with the lowest bid for their roofing project. Unfortunately, as soon as the roof installation was complete, leaks started to manifest around the chimneys, immediately raising concerns for the homeowners.

Upon inspection, professionals discovered numerous building deficiencies. One significant violation was the contractor’s failure to install chimney crickets according to the building code. Chimney crickets are crucial in diverting water away from chimneys, preventing potential leaks and water damage.

The building code specifically mandates the installation of chimney crickets to ensure proper water drainage. Neglecting this requirement can lead to costly issues and compromise the long-term durability of the roof.

In an attempt to address the leaks, the contractor resorted to caulking around the chimneys instead of correctly installing chimney flashing. Additionally, they threatened to charge for any callbacks and failed to honor the provided warranty. The improper chimney flashing and insufficient chimney caps contributed to the ongoing leaks, further compromising the integrity of the roof.

While the lower cost may initially seem enticing, opting for a cheap roofing contractor can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run. Rectifying the deficiencies in the roof, such as installing chimney crickets and replacing inadequate chimney caps, results in additional expenses.

During the bidding process, distinguishing between contractors based solely on pricing can be challenging. Homeowners should prioritize factors beyond cost, such as reputation, experience, and references, to ensure the selection of a reliable and high-quality roofing contractor.

Chimney cricket
The ridge on the back of the chimney will allow water to flow past the chimney and not pool up.