CertainTeed Presidential Shingles

When it comes to roofing materials, longevity becomes paramount. CertainTeed Presidential Shingles stand out for their durability, elegance, and performance compared to other shingle types like 3-tab and architectural . This page will address key questions about CertainTeed Presidential Shingles, including their lifespan, differences from the TL series, cost, reasons for their premium pricing, value, eligibility for tax credits, and potential insurance discounts.

CertainTeed Presidential Weathered Wood

1. How long do they last?

CertainTeed Presidential Shingles boast exceptional durability, with a lifespan up to 50 years when properly installed and maintained. Their longevity results from their high-quality construction and superior materials. The shingle lasts longer due to a higher concentration of asphalt within the shingle.

2. What sets Presidential Shingles apart from the TL series?

The primary distinction between CertainTeed Presidential Shingles and the TL series lies in their appearance, lifespan, and texture. While both deliver premium performance, Presidential Shingles emulate the traditional cedar shake roofing look, providing a timeless, classic aesthetic. In contrast, TL series shingles feature a different appearance, resembling architectural shingles with a more contemporary design. The Presidential shingle, being a more luxury shingle, increases the homes value more than the architectural shingle.

3. How much do Presidential Shingles cost?

The cost of CertainTeed Presidential Shingles is more than architectural shingles for two reasons;

  1. Increase in quality and quantity of materials. The shingles themselves are heavier and have more asphalt and thicker asphalt mats. This allows them to have higher impact ratings which is why they are eligible for insurance discounts as discussed later.
  2. Increase in labor costs. Since the shingles are heavier, they take longer to load onto the roofs. Also, the shingles require a different installation method than traditional architectural and 3-tab shingles, so additional measurements are required thereby increasing the time.

4. Are Presidential shingles a worthwhile investment?

The value of CertainTeed Presidential Shingles hinges on individual priorities and budget considerations. For those seeking a premium roofing solution that combines aesthetics and longevity, they offer a worthwhile investment. Their durability and timeless appearance can enhance your home’s curb appeal and long-term value.

6. Do they qualify for a tax credit?

CertainTeed Presidential Shingles were not specifically listed as eligible for federal tax credits. However, tax credits and incentives can vary by location and change over time, so it’s advisable to check with your local tax authority or a tax professional for the most up-to-date information regarding roofing-related tax credits.

7. Are they eligible for insurance discounts?

Insurance discounts for roofing materials can also vary depending on your insurance provider and location. While the durability and impact resistance of Presidential Shingles may make them eligible for insurance discounts, it’s essential to consult with your insurance company to determine the specific discounts and requirements available in your area.