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Bird's Eye Roofing prides itself on the quality of our roof repair department.  Repairs are the most common need for homeowners, yet are often the most difficult to find consistent quality and straightforward dialogue.  We offer our customers decades of experience, integrity with our proposals, and a trusted long-term partner.  Our repair department can handle small to extensive repairs backed by strong warranties.  Bird's Eye Roofing offers roof repairs we can stand behind, and we hope you trust us with your next roof repair call.

Who We Are

  • Experienced in properly diagnosing roof leak sources
  • Trained in-house repair team to perform quality work
  • Dependable and show up to appointments on time
  • Strong communication when working around the weather
  • Timely estimates and repair scheduling

Who We Are Not

  • We do not push insurance claims for simple repairs
  • We do not offer temporary or shoddy workmanship
  • We do not offer proposals that do not solve the issue
  • We do not "ghost" our customers
  • We do not offer anything we cannot stand behind

Expert Diagnostics

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Timely Estimates

Timely Estimates

HOA Head of Repairs


Greg O'Barr - Head of Roof Repair

Greg O'Barr is the head of Bird's Eye roof repair division. His responsibilities are diagnosing leaks for Bird's Eye Roofing, training and monitoring of all construction, and providing solutions to our customers. Greg's experience is second to none in Atlanta and will impress any homeowner in need of roof repairs or roof maintenance.

  • 20 years of roofing experience
  • Expert in leak diagnostic
  • Trains in-house crews to establish quality
  • Reviews all Bird's Eye repairs

Roof Repair Services

Valley Repair

Roof Repair - Valley

Sidewall Repair

Roof Repair - Sidewall

Pipe Boot Repair

Roof Repair - Pipe Boot

Chimney Reflash

Roof Repair - Chimney Reflash

Chimney Siding Repair

Roof Repair - Chimney Siding

Chimney Cap Replacement

Chimney Cap Replacement

Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair

Porch Repair

Porch Repair

Roof Inspections

Roof Inspection

Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Replacement

Gutter Replacement

Alpharetta Roof Repair - Expert Solutions for Your Home

When the roofs over Alpharetta homes need repair, homeowners have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. From patching up a leak to complete roof replacements, the roofing companies in Alpharetta offer services tailored to every need. They stand behind their work, with manufacturer warranties that give peace of mind long after the roofing installation is done. The right roofing company in Alpharetta can transform a damaged covering into a protective, stylish crown for any home.

Considering the variety of weather Alpharetta faces, roofs here take a beating. Whether it's a simple repair or a full-scale replacement, local experts are well-versed in the latest techniques and materials. They ensure that each job, from a minor fix to major roof replacements, is handled with professional care. This dedication to excellence preserves the value and safety of one’s home, all while reflecting the unique styles of the neighborhood.

Choosing a trusted roofing company in Alpharetta means tapping into a network of professionals who understand the importance of a secure and beautiful home. They work efficiently to minimize disruption, all while ensuring that the roofing installation meets both aesthetic and functional standards. With their help, Alpharetta homes stay snug and dry in every season, proving that professional expertise is just a call away.

Comprehensive Alpharetta Residential Roofing Services

Alpharetta's roofing landscape is dotted with companies offering a broad spectrum of services designed to tackle any issue. These highly trained roof repair contractors bring a level of customer service that turns a stressful situation into a manageable task. They're equipped with the tools and knowledge to address leaks, damages, and wear with precision and care, ensuring homeowners receive the help they need quickly and effectively.

From the moment they answer the call to the final inspection, Alpharetta's roof repair contractors are committed to delivering top-notch results. Their comprehensive services cover everything from emergency fixes to routine maintenance, all tailored to extend the life of a roof. This holistic approach to roofing care keeps homes in Alpharetta protected and preserves the beauty and functionality of one of the most critical components of a house.

Emergency Alpharetta Roof Repair, Storm Damage, and Tarping

Alpharetta homeowners know that when extreme weather hits, the damage to roofs can be immediate and severe. Local roofing specialists stand ready to respond with emergency roof repair services, including swift tarping to prevent further interior and structural harm. These urgent measures are a lifeline, preserving the integrity of the home until permanent repairs can be made. Plus, their work often comes with manufacturer warranties, adding an extra layer of confidence for homeowners.

When the storm clears and it's time to assess the damage, Alpharetta's emergency repair services offer fast, reliable solutions. Specialists quickly secure the exposed areas to protect the home from the elements. This quick action is crucial, helping to prevent additional issues and giving homeowners the time they need to plan for more comprehensive repairs or replacements.

Roof Replacement in Alpharetta

After a severe storm, Alpharetta homeowners may face the tough decision of repairing or replacing their roofs. In cases where damage is extensive, a roof replacement project becomes necessary. Local specialists navigate this process alongside homeowners, often coordinating with insurance companies to streamline claims. They use high-quality materials like Owens Corning asphalt shingles or other roof shingles designed to withstand the local climate, ensuring a durable and long-lasting result.

The replacement projects undertaken by these professionals are backed by solid manufacturer warranties, offering long-term protection and value. As insurance companies work with homeowners to cover costs, the focus remains on delivering a pristine, weather-resistant roof. This collaborative effort between roofing experts and the insurance company ensures that each roof replacement project is handled with precision, from selecting the right materials to the final installation.

Quality Roof Inspections in Alpharetta

Proactive roof maintenance is key to a long-lasting roof, and that's where Alpharetta's roof inspections come into play. Skilled inspectors can assess the condition of a roof, from a flat roof on a commercial building to the sloped roofs of residential homes. If they spot any signs of trouble, like stains on your ceiling, they'll suggest the necessary roof repairs before minor issues become big headaches. It's a smart way to catch problems early and keep a roof in tip-top shape.

Regular roof maintenance goes beyond just fixing visible damage; it's about understanding the overall health of your roof. The experts who inspect your roof can catch small issues that could lead to leaks or structural damage if left unchecked. These thorough inspections can save homeowners time and money in the long run, avoiding costly emergency repairs down the line.

Alpharetta Skylight Repair and Replacement

When skylights in Alpharetta homes show signs of wear or damage, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Cracks, leaks, or fogging can diminish the beauty and functionality of these unique features. Local roofing experts offer both repair and replacement services for skylights, ensuring they continue to bring natural light into homes without the worry of water intrusion.

The decision between repairing or replacing a skylight depends on the extent of the damage and the age of the skylight. Roofers in Alpharetta are adept at evaluating the situation and advising homeowners on the most cost-effective and beneficial solution. Their goal is to restore the integrity of the skylight, so it can continue to enhance the home's ambiance and energy efficiency.

Alpharetta Gutter Repair & Maintenance

Gutters are an integral part of a home's roofing system, channeling water away from the structure to protect the foundation and landscaping. In Alpharetta, gutter repair and maintenance are essential services to prevent water damage and maintain the home's exterior. Roof repair specialists can address issues such as leaks, sagging, or blockages that can compromise the gutter system's effectiveness.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspecting gutters, helps to extend their life and ensure they function properly. It's a simple but critical task that Alpharetta homeowners shouldn't overlook. Roofing professionals can handle this chore with ease, giving homeowners one less thing to worry about and keeping their homes safe from water-related issues.

Alpharetta Roof Maintenance Costs

Understanding the costs associated with roof repair in Alpharetta is crucial for homeowners. Factors such as the extent of damage, materials chosen, and the size of the roof all play a role in determining the final price. Minor repairs might only require a modest investment, while more significant issues, like replacing large sections of the roof, will naturally cost more.

When considering roof repair costs, it's important to remember that investing in quality materials and skilled labor can save money in the long run. Cutting corners may lead to more frequent repairs or even a premature need for a full replacement. Homeowners should also be aware of potential financing options or insurance coverage that may help offset the expenses.

Many roofing companies in Alpharetta offer free estimates, allowing homeowners to get a clear idea of the costs upfront. These estimates provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved, from labor to materials, and can help homeowners budget for the necessary work. It's a transparent approach that helps avoid surprises and ensures that clients are fully informed before making any decisions.

Lastly, when budgeting for roof repair, homeowners should also consider the value of a warranty. Manufacturer warranties can offer additional protection and peace of mind, potentially saving money on future repairs. It's an aspect of roofing costs that shouldn't be overlooked, as it can significantly impact the long-term investment in a home's roof.

Factors Influencing the Price of Alpharetta Roof Repair

When it comes to fixing your roof in Alpharetta, several things can change how much you'll pay. The size of your roof is a big deal; bigger roofs need more materials and work, which ups the cost. The type of materials you choose also plays a part—fancier shingles or tiles might look nice, but they'll hit your wallet harder. If your roof is really steep or has lots of special features like skylights, expect to pay more since these make the job trickier and longer. And don't forget, if your roof's got a lot of damage, fixing it will cost more than if it's just a little problem.

Rush jobs can also bump up the price. If you need someone to fix your roof super fast, like after a big storm, it could cost extra. Alpharetta's weather can be rough on roofs, so sometimes you might not have a choice but to get repairs done quick. Another thing that can change the cost is who does the work. Highly trained roof repair contractors might charge more, but their work is usually top-notch. And lastly, if your roof is really old or hasn't been looked at in a while, it might need more work than you thought, which means a bigger bill.

Good customer service can sometimes make the price go up a bit, but it's usually worth it. When you've got someone who listens and explains stuff, it makes the whole process smoother. Plus, if they're good at what they do, they can spot problems early, which can actually save you money in the long run. So, while it might seem like you're paying more upfront, good service can mean fewer headaches and costs down the line.

Lastly, if you're in a spot where lots of people need roof repairs, like after a big storm, prices might go up because everyone's trying to get their roof fixed at the same time. It's all about supply and demand. So if you can wait a bit, you might be able to get a better deal when things calm down.

Understanding the Value of a Professional Inspection in Alpharetta

Getting a pro to take a look at your roof in Alpharetta before you fix it is super important. They can check out your roof and tell you exactly what's wrong with it. This means you'll know for sure what needs fixing and won't waste money on stuff that's actually fine. A pro inspection can spot little problems before they turn into big, expensive ones, which can save you a lot of cash.

When you call in highly trained experts, they use their know-how to check every part of your roof. They look at things like how the shingles are holding up, if the flashing is in good shape, and if there are any signs of water damage or rot. These pros have a good eye for trouble and can tell you if your roof needs a quick fix or if it's time for something bigger, like a full replacement.

It's also good to remember that sometimes your home insurance might cover roof repairs. A pro inspection can give you the paperwork you need to show your insurance what's up. They'll write up a report that details all the damage, which you can then show to your insurance to see if they'll help with the costs.

Choosing the Right Roofing Solution in Alpharetta

When your roof needs help in Alpharetta, you've got to decide if you're going to fix it or get a new one. Roof repairs can be a good choice if the damage isn't too bad. Small fixes here and there can keep your roof in good shape without spending a ton of money. But, if your roof is old or really beat up, you might need to think about getting a new one.

A new roof can be pricey, but it can also mean less stress in the long run. If you keep having to fix things, it adds up, and sometimes it's smarter to start fresh. Plus, a new roof can make your home safer and even look nicer. When you're thinking about what to do, it's a good idea to talk to a roofing company to handle the job. They can give you advice on what's best for your home and your budget.

If you own a place where you do business, like a shop or an office, you might need to think about commercial roofing options. These kinds of roofs are made to handle more stuff, like heavy equipment or lots of foot traffic. A good roofing company will know all about the different kinds of roofs and can help you pick the right one for your business.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof in Alpharetta: Making the Informed Decision

Trying to choose between fixing your roof or getting a new one can be tough. On one hand, if your roof's damage is small, just fixing it might be enough. This can be cheaper and quicker than a full replacement. But, if your roof keeps having problems or if it's really old, replacing it could be a better idea. A new roof means you won't have to worry about leaks and other problems for a long time.

When you're making this choice, think about how long you plan to stay in your home. If you're sticking around for a while, a new roof could be a good investment. But if you're thinking of moving soon, you might just want to fix what's necessary. Also, consider how the rest of your house is doing. If everything else is in good shape, a new roof could add to your home's value.

To make the best decision, it's smart to get a few opinions. Talk to different roof experts and get roof inspections done. This way, you'll have all the info you need to weigh your options and pick the right path for your roof and your wallet.

The Advantages of New Roof Installation in Alpharetta

Putting in a new roof in Alpharetta has its perks. For one, it can make your home safer and keep everything inside dry and cozy. Also, new roofs can come with warranties that protect you if something goes wrong. And, if you're looking to sell your home, a new roof can make it more attractive to buyers. They'll like knowing they won't have to deal with roof trouble anytime soon.

Choosing an Alpharetta roofing contractor who knows the area is key. They understand the local weather and what it does to roofs. Whether you've got a flat roof or a sloped one, they can help you pick the right materials that will stand up to Alpharetta's storms and heat. Plus, they can make sure your new roof fits in with the surrounding areas, keeping your home looking great in the neighborhood.

How to Navigate Roof Repair with Your Homeowners Insurance in Alpharetta

If your roof in Alpharetta needs fixing and you're thinking about using your homeowners insurance, here's the scoop. First, check your policy to see what kind of damage it covers. Things like storms or accidental fires are usually included, but wear and tear might not be. Once you know what's covered, get in touch with your insurance company—like State Farm, if that's who you've got—to report the damage.

They'll probably ask for a bunch of info, like when the damage happened and how bad it is. They might also want to see a report from a professional roof inspection. The insurance folks will review everything and tell you if they'll help pay for the repairs. They might even have a list of roof repair contractors you can use.

Keep in mind, you might have to pay a deductible before your insurance starts covering costs. And sometimes, they'll only pay for part of the repair, not all of it. But, even a little help can make a big difference when you're dealing with roof fixes. So, it's worth a shot to see what your insurance can do for you.

When to Hire a Professional for Alpharetta Roof Repair

If you're thinking about fixing your roof in Alpharetta, you might wonder if you need a pro. Well, if it's a small fix, like a few shingles that blew off, you might be able to handle it yourself. But for bigger problems, like leaks or damage you can't really see, it's better to call in the experts. They've got the tools and know-how to fix things right and keep your roof in top shape.

Another time to hire a professional is if the job seems dangerous. If you're not comfy climbing up on your roof or if it's super steep, don't risk it. Pros have the safety gear and training to do the job without getting hurt. Plus, if you mess up a DIY fix, it could end up costing you more later on. A pro will make sure everything's done properly the first time around.

Lastly, if you're dealing with something that could be covered by insurance, like damage from a bad storm, you'll want a professional. They can work with your insurance to make sure everything's documented and done according to the book. This can save you a bunch of headaches and make sure you get the most out of your insurance coverage.

The Benefits of Professional Roofers in Alpharetta

When it comes to maintaining your home, professional Alpharetta roofing services offer unmatched benefits. Expert roofers bring extensive knowledge of various roofing systems, ensuring that every roof leak repair or installation is done right. They go beyond mere fixes, enhancing your home's protection and curb appeal with top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Plus, with dedicated customer service, homeowners receive guidance through every step of the process, from selecting the best options for residential roofing to understanding the maintenance required to prolong the roof's lifespan.

Timely emergency roof repair and damage restoration are other vital services provided by professional roofers. They respond quickly to prevent further damage, especially after severe weather events. Additionally, professional roofers can improve energy efficiency by updating attic insulation, ultimately saving homeowners money on energy bills. By trusting professionals, you get the peace of mind that your home is in capable hands, and the results will stand the test of time.

Risks of DIY Roof Repair for Alpharetta Homeowners

While tackling projects yourself can be tempting, DIY roof repair carries significant risks, especially for Alpharetta homeowners. Without the right tools and expertise, attempting to fix a roof leak or replace shingles can lead to further damage or incomplete repairs, which means more trouble down the line. Safety is also a major concern; falls from roofs are a common and often serious accident among DIYers. Additionally, a lack of proper knowledge can result in overlooking underlying issues that a professional would catch, like structural weaknesses or hidden water damage.

In the end, what seems like a cost-saving effort could turn into a more expensive ordeal. DIY work on a complex system like a roof often voids warranties and can affect insurance claims. In contrast, professional roofing services ensure that repairs are done correctly, safely, and in compliance with local building codes, preserving both your home's integrity and your financial investment.

Connecting with Trusted Local Alpharetta Roofing Company

Alpharetta homeowners looking for reliable roofing projects need look no further than their local experts. Trusted Alpharetta roofers bring a wealth of experience from the roofing industry, ensuring that every roof inspection and repair is thorough and effective. Whether it's minor repairs or a full-scale commercial roofing task, these professionals have a deep understanding of the challenges specific to the area, including the local climate and architectural styles. They can provide a detailed estimate and inspection, giving homeowners a clear understanding of the work needed.

By choosing a local roofing business, residents also benefit from community ties, as many Alpharetta roofers take pride in serving Alpharetta and nearby areas like Johns Creek. Their reputation is built on the quality of their work and customer satisfaction, which means they are committed to delivering the best possible service. With experienced roofing professionals, homeowners can rest assured that their roofing needs are in the hands of those who understand them best.

Frequently Asked Questions When Planning Your Alpharetta Roof Repair Project

Embarking on a roof repair project in Alpharetta requires thoughtful planning and organization. The first step is understanding the scope of work, which can range from minor fixes to a complete roof installation. It's essential to factor in the type of roofing material, the extent of damage to your roof, and whether the project is for a residential or commercial roof. Homeowners should also be aware of the potential for storm damage or structural damage that might not be immediately visible but could affect the longevity and safety of the roofing system.

Once the scope is determined, finding the right roofing professionals is crucial. Look for experienced roofing technicians known for serving Alpharetta with a solid track record in roof repair in Alpharetta. They should be adept at handling everything from roof leaks and pipe boots to gutters and roof cleaning, ensuring comprehensive care for your roofing needs. A reliable company will provide a thorough inspection and identify any hidden issues, such as damage to your roof caused by weather or wear and tear.

Next, consider the financial aspect of your roofing project. A detailed estimate from a reputable Alpharetta roofing company will outline the costs associated with your repair or installation. This includes the price of roofing materials, labor, and any additional services like emergency roofing or roof cleaning. Transparent pricing is a sign of a trustworthy company, and it allows homeowners to budget accordingly and avoid any surprises.

Finally, scheduling the project at a convenient time is important. Alpharetta's weather patterns and your personal schedule should be taken into account. Good roofing companies will work with you to find the best time for the project, minimizing disruptions to your daily life. By carefully planning each step, from the initial inspection to the final touches, your Alpharetta roof repair project will be set for success, providing durable protection and peace of mind for years to come.

Scheduling an Appointment for a Free Roof Inspection in Alpharetta

One of the critical steps in ensuring the longevity of your roof is regular roof maintenance. Alpharetta homeowners can take advantage of free roof inspections offered by local roofing services. These inspections are essential for identifying potential problems before they escalate, like stains on your ceiling that indicate leaks. Professionals will inspect your roof thoroughly, checking for signs of wear, damage, and other issues that might compromise your home's safety and comfort.

To schedule an appointment, simply reach out to a reputable provider of roofing services in Alpharetta. They will work with you to find a suitable time to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your roof's condition. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining the integrity of your roof but also allows for planning any necessary repairs or replacements well in advance, ensuring that your home remains protected against the elements.

Preparing for Your Alpharetta Roof Repair: What to Expect

When preparing for roof repair, Alpharetta homeowners should first understand the potential for storm damage, which can range from minor to severe. A professional roof installation or repair job will address this damage and prevent future issues. Homeowners should expect their chosen roofing technicians to be equipped to deal with various roofing services, including shingle roofing, roof cleaning, and emergency roofing responses to urgent roof leaks. It's essential to choose a company that can handle both residential or commercial roof projects with expertise.

Residents can also anticipate a thorough examination of their roof by the roofing professionals, who will look for signs of structural damage or other problems, such as faulty pipe boots or compromised gutters. Companies like Roof Depot are known for providing quality materials and services in the GA roofing scene, including Sandy Springs and Alpharetta. When working with reputable roofing businesses, homeowners can expect detailed explanations of the work to be done, timelines, and a clear breakdown of costs. This transparency ensures that you are well-informed throughout the roof repair process in Alpharetta.

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