Bird's Eye Roofing SystemShingle SwapperNo Leak GuaranteeFull CoveragePremium Package
Shingle typeArchitecturalArchitecturalArchitecturalArchitectural
Shingle nameTimberline NSTimberline HDZTimberline HDZTimberline HDZ
Hip and ridge3-tabSeal-a-RidgeSeal-a-RidgeTimberTex
Underlayment15lb felt paperTopshield SyntheticGAF FeltbusterGAF Deck Armor
Starter ShinglesRoyal SovereignTopshield StarterGAF ProstartGAF Prostart
Leak BarrierTopshield Ice & WaterTopshield Ice & WaterGAF WeatherwatchGAF Stormguard
Scope of workMeets CodeQualityQualityQuality
Step FlashingAs neededFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull Replacement
Chimney FlashingAs neededFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull Replacement
Counter FlashingReuse/GenericCustom to fitCustom to fitCustom to fit
Pipe bootsReplaceReplace w/CollarReplace w/CollarReplace w/Collar
Nails per shingle4666
Job OversightCrew ForemanProject ManagerProject ManagerProject Manager
Quality control-Drone documentationDrone documentationDrone documentation
WarrantyBudgetValuePeace of MindComplete Coverage
Material1010Lifetime (30 yrs)Lifetime (30 yrs)
Workmanship (yrs)2101025
Warranty repairsReseal (caulk)Permanent RepairPermanent RepairPermanent Repair
Wind (mph)60/13090/13090/130130
Algae (yrs)15151530
Interior coverage---
Bird's Eye Support & CoverageReputableReputableReputableReputable
Office support
Worker's compensation
Umbrella & Auto coverage
Manufacturer certifications
Standard construction itemsSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfied
Protect landscape
Tear off existing roof
Remove waste in dump trailer
Replace rotten decking
Install drip edge
Install Ice & water in valleys
Install starter shingles on rakes
Install starter shingles on eaves
Replace pipe boots
Replace existing ventilation
Full cleanup including magnets
Follow building code
Follow manufacturer specs
Non-standard construction itemsNonePeace of MindPeace of MindPeace of Mind
Replace skylights (2)n/aincludedincludedincluded
Install ridge ventincludedincludedincluded
Install valley metal+$2,500 (not incl in pr)+$2,500 (not incl in pr)+$2,500 (not incl in pr)
Install chimney cap w/shroud+$1,200 (not incl in pr)+$1,200 (not incl in pr)+$1,200 (not incl in pr)
Modify dormer - not exact match+$1,000 (not incl in pr)+$1,000 (not incl in pr)+$1,000 (not incl in pr)
Monthly Price$244 $303 $318 $342
Total price$18,456 $22,947 $24,063 $25,906