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Our team has decades of real roofing experience. This ensures you are not working with salesmen who are there to sell you a subpar product the company cannot stand behind. We stand behind our work, employ an ethical approach to roofing, and produce roofs with no surprises.

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Bird's Eye System Overview

Bird's Eye Roofing SystemShingle SwapperNo Leak GuaranteeFull CoveragePremium Package
Shingle typeArchitecturalArchitecturalArchitecturalDesigner
Shingle nameLandmarkLandmarkLandmark ProPresidential
Hip and ridgeShadowridgeCedar CrestCedar CrestCedar Crest
UnderlaymentGeneric SyntheticGeneric SyntheticCT RoofrunnerCT Roofrunner
Starter ShinglesGeneric StarterGeneric StarterCT SwiftstartCT Presidential St.
Leak BarrierGeneric Ice & WaterGeneric Ice & WaterCT WinterguardCT Winterguard
Scope of workQualityQualityQualityQuality
Step FlashingFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull Replacement
Chimney FlashingFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull ReplacementFull Replacement
Counter FlashingCustom to fitCustom to fitCustom to fitCustom to fit
Pipe bootsReplace w/CollarReplace w/CollarReplace w/CollarReplace w/Collar
Nails per shingle6666
Job OversightProject ManagerProject ManagerProject ManagerProject Manager
Quality controlDrone documentationDrone documentationDrone documentationDrone documentation
WarrantyValueValuePeace of MindComplete Coverage
Material1010Lifetime (30 yrs)Lifetime (30 yrs)
Workmanship (yrs)10101025
Warranty repairsPermanent RepairPermanent RepairPermanent RepairPermanent Repair
Wind (mph)130130130130
Algae (yrs)15151530
Interior coverage---
Bird's Eye Support & CoverageReputableReputableReputableReputable
Office support
Worker's compensation
Umbrella & Auto coverage
Manufacturer certifications
Standard construction itemsSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfied
Protect landscape
Tear off existing roof
Remove waste in dump trailer
Replace rotten decking (up to 3 sheets)
Install drip edge
Install Ice & water in valleys
Install starter shingles on rakes
Install starter shingles on eaves
Replace pipe boots
Replace existing ventilation
Full cleanup including magnets
Follow building code
Follow manufacturer specs
Non-standard construction itemsSee belowSee belowSee belowSee below
Removal of cedar shakeincl.incl.incl.incl.
Entire house redeckincl.incl.incl.incl.
HVAC replacement-incl.incl.incl.
Skylight replacement-incl.incl.incl.
Monthly Price$371 $467 $488 $756
Total price$28,132 $35,410 $36,971 $57,275

Shingle Colors